Mandatory drug testing for welfare essay

Applicants who refuse the drug screen or test are ineligible for assistance.

Mandatory Drug Testing for People on Welfare - Essay Example

If people are going to be lazy and accept money from a government agency, which the working class basically works for, the least they could do is be courteous enough to take the single drug test required.

Inover 20 states proposed legislation that would require drug testing as a condition of eligibility for public assistance programs. If a person refuses to take the test or tests positive, they are ineligible for benefits for six months.

In the s, drug use took on a whole new meaning. If the screening tool gives the department reason to believe the person has a substance abuse problem, the person will be required to take a substance abuse test.

In most cases, if the applicant or recipient tests positive they are ineligible for benefits for a specified period of time or until they complete a substance abuse treatment program.

Those deemed ineligible for these reasons can designate a protective payee to receive benefits on behalf of the child ren. Most of the time, people apply for welfare because they have children they are not able to provide for by themselves.

Kansas SB requires the Department for Children and Families to establish a drug screening program by January 1, for applicants and recipients of cash assistance when reasonable suspicion exists that the person is using controlled substances.

In order to function well, the virtual communities supported by the Internet depend upon rules of conduct, the same as any society. Studies that include people who left welfare for any reason, including sanction, found that shortly after leaving welfare, half to two-thirds between 53 percent and 70 percent of welfare leavers were employed at a point in time.

Taking the test will only prove the rumors false. Drugs seem far from one of the basic human needs to me. InKansas enacted legislation to require drug testing for applicants and recipients suspected of using controlled substances.

Last but not least, a lot of people applying for assistance are offended by the assumption that the need for assistance also implies a drug addiction. The department shall identify the screening tool and develop a plan for funding the program and report to the General Assembly on the results of the program.

Drugs also go hand and hand with family problems, violence, and crime.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

For most, it is a positive. The Kansas legislature passed SB and Governor Brownback signed the bill into law on April 16,requiring the Department for Children and Families to establish a drug screening program for applicants and current recipients of cash assistance when reasonable suspicion exists that the person is using controlled substances.

On that note, drug testing for welfare recipients can be a very negative or very positive addition to the application process. If someone is truly in need of the assistance, why should a drug test matter?.

If the government started requiring drug testing for welfare recipients, analysts say that the savings in one year would be approximately be nine million dollars (Delaney 1). Many people feel that by drug testing welfare recipients, this is stereotyping, saying that all poor people, or the needy, are on drugs, but by no means is that the case.

The Mandatory Drug Test Essay. Abstract Mandatory drug testing is a top priority in the school systems. With all the media attention and so many different type of drugs in our school system one may ask how do the schools function daily with these activity happening in our schools.

Related Documents: Drug Testing Should Be Mandatory to Receive Welfare Essay The Mandatory Drug Test Essay Abstract Mandatory drug testing is. Transcript of argument essay. Drug Test Requirement for Welfare By: Brandy Juarez Child The spread of the drug testing requirement will hopefully be considered throughout the U.S.

and approved in all states in In some states like Tennessee, applicants will be required to pay for the test themselves. Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Essay - Florida Department of Children and Families, the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled that ‚Äúsuspicion less drug testing of welfare recipients is unconstitutional‚ÄĚ and violates a citizens Fourth Amendment rights (Verneen, ).

Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients and Public Assistance Words | 9 Pages. time again. The main topic of tax money is the use of assistance money and are the recipients really using the money for the right reasons.

Mandatory drug testing for welfare essay
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